24th May

Rehab & Injury Prevention workshop 24th May 2017


We have teamed up with Ross Gray from APS Fitness & Rock Solid Climbing to deliver a series of rehab and injury prevention workshops to fine tune your body and fundamentally help you become a better climber! Here’s Ross storming up ‘Not to be Taken Away’ at Stanage Plantation.

Rehab & Injury Prevention workshop

Off the wall pre/rehab training

Climbing is physically demanding and as you increase your performance, venturing into harder terrain, so does the risk of injuries and muscular imbalance. You may have noticed an array of niggly aches, pains and stiff muscles creeping in or even picked up an injury making climbing uncomfortable. We have designed this workshop to not only include rehab exercises to help resolve these issues, but also prehab exercises to try and help prevent injury in the first place. Rehab and prehab training is the key to:

  • Unwind imbalances and rehab niggles
  • Minimise injuries
  • Create a rock-solid core
  • Recover from over extension
  • Prolong your climbing lifespan

Off the wall performance training

There’s no substitute for improving like spending time on the rock; but training is a great supplement to enhance peak performance or overcome a plateau. Performance training is the key to:

  • Building strength,
  • Crafting a rock solid core
  • Tapping your explosive potential
  • Refining slick movement in a safe setting

It’s a tonne of fun and can be scaled to meet any fitness or experience level. Not for the faint hearted, and we highly suggest combining it with prehab ideas

Rock solid climbing was created by Ross, a rock climbing, sports therapist and movement coach. He wants to share the ideas he’s learned over the last decade studying exercise physiology and coaching students to move better, enhance sports performance, prevent/rehab injuries, with as many climbers as possible.

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Workshop fee includes your entry, so feel free to rock up early to get warmed up, or stick around after the workshop to practice. Climbers must be registered with RCC so please ensure if it’s your first time climbing with us, you arrive 10/15 minutes pre-workshop.

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