Reading Climbing Centre has a climbing activity for everyone. Whether you are completely new to the sport or want to develop your technique and push your grade.

If you’ve not climbed before, come along for a Taster Session and we’ll show you the ropes! If you’re looking to get into climbing regularly, our Beginners Course will give you the skills to climb safely in the centre.

Once you’ve mastered the basics it doesn’t stop there,  we can progress your climbing through a range of carefully developed climbing skills courses and climbing coaching. We can also help you venture into the great outdoors on one of our outdoor climbing courses.

    Taster Session

    Taster Session

    Never been climbing but fancy having a go?

    During this one-hour climbing lesson, one of our fully qualified instructors will take you climbing, covering the basics and getting in as much action as possible. All the relevant equipment and entry to the wall is included.


    • One Person £30.00
    • Two People £52.00
    • Three people £66.00
    • Four or more people £18.00 (per person)

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    Beginners Climbing Course

    Beginners' Course

    If you’re keen to learn to climb at Reading Climbing Centre, our beginners climbing course is for you!

    This climbing course consists of three, two-hour long sessions and covers all  you need to learn to climb on top roped lines in the centre.

    The beginners climbing course covers elements such as:

    • Knots and rope-work
    • Belaying
    • Correct use of equipment
    • Climbing technique

    The beginners’ climbing course is run over three concurrent weeks, at the same time each week.

    For details of ourbeginners’ climbing course times and availability please see our bookings page.


    The Beginners’ Climbing Course costs £111 & includes FREE Life Membership to the centre. This course is an adult climbing course and is available to over-14′s only.

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    Climb Skills

    Climb Skills

    Climb Skills builds on all the safety and technique knowledge taught in the Beginners’ Climbing Course, but focuses entirely on your climbing technique.

    Our Climb Skills Workshops are designed to introduce and teach you the basics and advance elements of climbing techniques, in order to help you to progress faster in the sport.

    There are three workshops in total to choose from, with each focusing on a different discipline:

    • Footwork & Body positioning
    • Advance movement techniques
    • Route reading & efficiency

    Each of the workshops is 2 hours in length and repeats once a month.


    The Climb Skills Course costs £35.00 per workshop

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    Intro to Lead

    Intro to Lead

    Once you have refined your top-roping skills, you might want to move onto the next stage – lead climbing.

    Whilst it may seem daunting at first, climbing between quickdraws on the wall, clipping your own rope as you go, our Learn to Lead course teaches you all the skills you need to be a safe lead climber and belayer.

    This course will cover the basics of :

    • Clipping safely
    • Lead belaying
    • and developing climbing technique….

    to allow you to get onto the big walls!

    To take this course, you must be proficient at top rope belaying and tying into your harness. Please note that this is a more advanced climbing course and we recommend that you are climbing 6a or above before signing up.


    The cost of this course is £50 per person, and there must be two of you.
    Under 18′s may take this course alongside an adult climber.

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    Lead Skills

    Lead Skills

    Lead Skills builds on our already popular Intro to Lead climbing course, but fulfilling the same function as Climb Skills, to teach the more advanced skills and techniques which will allow you to progress faster and develop better technique from the outset.

    Running over two sessions, the course consolidates your learning ensuring you leave with genuinely usable lead climbing skills and techniques you will apply each and every time you get on the wall.

    Course Content:

    • Efficient lead climbing
    • Advanced clipping technique, to save energy
    • Body positioning
    • Advanced lead climbing technique


    The cost of this course is £100 for two people or £150 for three.
    Under 18′s may attend this course alongside an adult climber.

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    Outdoor Courses

    Outdoor Courses

    The Climbing Centre Group climbing centres offer outdoor climbing courses at some of the best outdoor climbing venues the UK has to offer.

    We have courses to suit everyone, read on for details of the outdoor climbing courses available:

    Outdoor Climbing Taster

    If you’ve climbed on indoor climbing walls or haven’t climbed before and you want to experience outdoor climbing, book onto one of our Outdoor Climbing Taster courses and let one of our qualified instructors give you the confidence you need to safely enjoy the experience.

    Run as a day long session, we will take you climbing on one of a variety of local crags, where you will be given the chance to fully appreciate what it is like to climb outdoors.

    On this course the instructor will deal with all the equipment and rigging leaving you free to concentrate on climbing on a new and challenging medium. All equipment is provided, but you are welcome to use your own harnesses and climbing shoes.

    Kids’ Outdoor Day

    These fully supervised outdoor climbing days will be ideal for any youngsters wanting to climb in the great outdoors.  There is no pre-requisite to come along to these days, as they are focused on having lots of fun.

    Activities include:

    • Weaseling
    • Climbing
    • Bouldering
    • Abseiling

    Kids’ Club Outdoor Climbing Days

    If you’ve been coming along to our kids club for a while and would like to expand on your climbing experience and try a different medium, then our “Outdoor Climbing Club Day” courses are the thing for you.  Our fully qualified instructors will be on hand to help build and give you the confidence to get the most out of your day.

    On this course the instructor will deal with all the equipment and rigging leaving you free to concentrate on climbing on a new and challenging medium. There will also be the opportunity to complete an abseil and have a go at bouldering.  All equipment is provided, but you are welcome to use your own harnesses and climbing shoes.

    Family Outdoor Climbing Day

    Bring the whole family to have a go at climbing in the great outdoors! These sessions depend on a parent or guardian accompanying children, and taking part in the climbing!

    The Family Crag Day is run much like the Outdoor Taster course, with the focus on getting you climbing as much as possible.

    All climbers over the age of 7 are welcome!

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    Climbing Coaching


    Training for Climbing

    All our coaching courses, sessions & plans have been developed in conjunction with Our Head Coach Ian Dunn and Group Managing Director John Dunne.

    John Dunne

    John Dunne Climber

    John is an internationally renowned climber and has established many world-class new routes over the last 25 years, including the first route to be graded 8b in Britain, Magnetic Fields at Malham Cove and the hardest route on gritstone at the time, New Statesman E8, 7a at Ilkley, Yorkshire, in 1987.

    He was instrumental in bringing competition climbing to the UK in the late 1980s and has maintained a keen involvement in the development of competitions & structured training ever since.

    Ian Dunn

    Ian Dunn Climbing Coach

    Climbing for over 35 years, Ian has experience of all climbing disciplines. With over 100 first ascents to his name in the UK, he has also climbed throughout Europe and in the USA.

    He has participated in and won competitions and considers climbing Revelations 8b at Ravens Tor to be his hardest route. Ian first climbed 8a back in 1989. Ian has a long history of high level coaching and has been the Coach of the TeamGB Juniors for the last 7 years.

    Our Coaching & Training Plans

    1:1 Climbing Coaching

    1:1 Climbing coaching is an ideal way to make significant improvements in your climbing.

    Whether you’ve hit your first plateau, you’re looking to break into a new grade or you’re training for national finals, your coach will help you make the necessary improvements and adjustments to your training for you to make that next step.

    Following an initial assessment your climbing coach will identify areas within your climbing that could be improved, will work with you to create challenging yet realistic climbing goals and help you develop the skills and training concepts that you will need to achieve them.

    Four Week Personal Training Plans

    As an addition to a 1:1 coaching session, our climbing coaches can produce a tailored four week plan for you to follow in your own training time.

    Your personal climbing training plan will detail what you need to do each week in order to progress to the next climbing grade, whilst also addressing any technique, fitness or other issues that are hampering your progress.


    • 1:1 Coaching Session (60 mins) – £35
    • 1:2 Coaching Session (60 mins) – £55
    • 4 week training plan £30.

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